The five WH questions answered about Visual Presenters?

What is a Visual Presenter?

Visual Presenters are a broader term which includes all the types of all types of imaging devices used in a classroom or any teaching-learning setup which includes document cameras, Visualizers, Digital Overheads or Docucams.  They are used to capture real-time images and displaying an object to a large audience with the help of a connected projector or a large screen display device. With the help of a Visual Presenter, one can magnify and project images of actual, three-dimensional objects as well as transparent document slides. A high-resolution camera is mounted on the arms of a Visual Presenter that allows teachers, lecturers or presenters to place a document or object under the camera to capture and display a magnified view of the object digitally. Larger objects can be placed in front of the Visual Presenter’s camera or a ceiling mounted Visual Presenter is used.

Why do we need a Visual Presenter?

With interactive visualization, one can take the concepts to a step further by using technology. Similarly, the Visual Presenters provide aid to the instructors/presenters to share graphical concepts, a 3D object or a piece of document to a large group of participants within a given teaching-learning setup. Traditional methods involved more time and less interactive ways to present those objects to a large audience. Various manufacturing houses utilize a ceiling visual presenter to examine barcodes and other product information quickly.

Where can I buy a Visual Presenter?

Various e-commerce websites provide with almost every model of Visual Presenters. However, buying a Visual Presenter from an online seller may be erroneous and inappropriate when you are less aware of the technical know-how and its utility. In such cases referring to an industry expert would be more beneficial. One can consult an industry expert at its own discrete to realize the suitability and utility of a given model of Visual Presenter. These consultations involve the various aspects of technical compatibility related to a type of Visual Presenter such as optical zoom, type of camera arm, portability feature, camera resolution, connectivity ports, etc.

Who should buy a Visual Presenter?

Visual Presenters can be used in classrooms to put students’ writings under the camera to have students point out the points that need work or to practice proofreading. It can be used with video conferencing setups such as Skype, hangout, etc. to connect and share information to a remote location. In medical colleges such Visual Presenters are used to record lab activities, exhibit specimens, demonstrate dissections and many more. One can record time-lapse photography such as the growth of a plant, hatching of chicks, etc. Visual Presenters can be utilized to project writing paper, graph paper, or any kind of template onto you dry-erase boards to serve as a background for exercise that requires it. In similar ways, the Visual Presenters can be incorporated in almost any kind of information delivery in academic as well as corporate world.

How should you buy a Visual Presenter?

Depending on how you want your presentation or lesson to be viewed, you’ll need to consider output connection types when shopping for a Visual Presenter. Visual Presenters with HDMI and/or VGA outputs can be connected directly to a display such as a projector or a monitor. Document cameras with USB outputs are usually the least expensive ones but must be connected to a computer. There are three ways to make objects appear larger when using a Visual Presenter. One with a gooseneck arm helps zoom at no extra cost with just bending the arm closer to the object. Optical zoom enlarges the image without degrading the image quality. Digital zoom enlarges the image with a slight degradation in the image quality. An attached illumination system would be an added advantage in a low light setup. A growing number of visual presenters allow you to capture and store images for later use with the help of inbuilt storage or a provision of attaching a storage card.

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