Top 5 ways to use your visual presenter creatively

The lens need not always point downwards

The visual presenters are equipped with manoeuvrable head and arm arrangement which enables it to capture images or video from a variety of angles. A visual presenter or visual presenter is not solely meant to visualize the object under the camera head. Instead, a camera head can be tilted upwards to project images which are larger in size or kept upright in form of the visual presenter. This technique can be used to image and discuss over a wall hanging or floor mounted object.  Similarly, the visual presenters can also be used in video conferencing setups to capture live images of the participants who are seated upright just in front of the visual presenter

Record live feed – by picking a visual presenter with microphone works wonder

Modern designs of visual presenters are equipped with inbuilt microphone and speakers. The inbuilt microphone can be used to capture live video along with audio. An inbuilt microphone enables the instructors to record and store live videos of lessons or demonstration. In the same way, these visual presenters can also be used to send live audio and video feed to a video conferencing setup accompanied with a USB interface to connect it to the computer or a video conferencing setup.

Visualize 3D objects

Apart from using the visual presenters for visualizing a piece of the document or any 2D object, they can also be used to visualize 3D objects with more detail. Printed circuit boards or a 3D lab specimen can be easily captured with the help of such visual presenters. This enables the participants to explore and discuss a large number of aspects related to the visualized object. However, it is a mandatory feature to have a good resolution to capture the details in all depths and true colours. Visual presenters with a good resolution of as high as 4K (UHD) are rendered suitable. This should be backed by good framerate of the video capture sensor and an easy to use powerful software suite.

Take pictures for the perpetual memory

There are visual presenters available which have inbuilt memory to store snaps and videos being visualized by them. Such captured images or videos can be stored and preserved for a longer period of time to reuse for more than one batches of trainees. The visual presenters lacking inbuilt memory does come with USB connectivity to the PC which enables the user to directly capture and store images and videos to the connected PC. Moderns visualizers are also equipped with SD card slot which enables to add and expand the storage capacity. In this way, a visual presenter can also be utilized to collect and manage teaching/training data for a longer period of time for academic purposes.

Visualize books and then annotate

There are several books and literature which are available at heavy investment. Such books can be easily shared and discussed to a large number of audience or students to escape from such expenses. An associated software suite to control and process the imaging of a visual presenter also helps the presenter to project and annotate the pages or diagrams in the books for better understanding for the audience. Since the annotation is being done from the software interface and on a captured image, the original book remains unaffected and the same can be used for a longer period of time with a number of such annotations.

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