Goose-neck and Mechanical armed Document Camera

A document camera usually has one of two kinds of armour column which functions to connect the document camera’s camera to its base stand. Gooseneck arms and fixed or rigid arms are generally used into modern Document Cameras.

  1. A Gooseneck Visualiser has a gooseneck like flexible arm which connects the main camera to the visualizer’s base. Whereas a rigid armed Visualiser features a fixed and rigid arm connecting the main camera to its base. In either of the types, the necessary connections from the base to the main camera is also housed within the arm.
  2. Science and industrial tech teachers will find the flex arm useful to easily view models, organisms, beakers, construction and more from any angle. If the only thing you will be viewing under your camera is documents from straight above, you may prefer the straight arm as it is easy to snap into place with a straight alignment directly above the document.
  3. Although a gooseneck Visual Presenter is flexible, it will also stay in one posture once its camera head is positioned in a direction. The mechanical arm of a rigid armed Visual Presenter has various lock positions of the arm making it stable enough to take still and clear snapshots of an object or a document from the above.
  4. The flexible arm of a gooseneck Document Camera makes it best suited for use with microscopes because the Document Camera head can be easily positioned over the microscope eyepiece. The rigid armed Document Camera requires this added feature to be included in the design to make it used with the microscopes, preferably accompanied by a microscope adapter.
  5. A gooseneck document camera enables the camera head to be positioned almost to any angle of vision to the DC’s camera. This benefits an all-around view of any 3D object. The rigid armed DC is more suitable for visualization of documents with a flat 2D view from above the object.
  6. Gooseneck document cameras have a separate arm for lamp while some models do have the illumination system combined with the camera head. A mechanical armed DC does have an integrated illumination system along the arm at a fixed height or combined with the camera head.
  7. Gooseneck document cameras having a foldable neck which requires to be packed safely for a damage-proof transit. Modern models of mechanical armed DC are designed to house the camera head into a dedicated enclosure to make it safer and easily transportable.

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