How an Ultra HD Document Camera be used as 3D Visualizers?

The 4k Visualizers a digital camera on the end of an arm, but it is the controls available via the base unit and/or software that increases the usefulness of the Ultra HD visualizer. With most Document Camera, you can to zoom in and out, freeze and capture an image then review the image captured. Software that accompanies the visualiser allows for further manipulation of the image or artefact such as time-lapse capture to track changes over a period of time.

There are three main modes of operation when using a visualiser:

  1. At the simplest level, it can be connected to a PC monitor or digital projector and all the class can see the target object.
  2. When connected to a PC that runs visualiser software, more opportunities present themselves, for example, slow motion, time-lapse capture, storage and review of any 2D/3D object.
  3. If the PC is connected to an interactive whiteboard then annotation over 3D objects becomes possible.

Possible Educational Uses

There is a range of educational uses that could prove useful to teachers and students

  1. Display artwork.
  2. Using the ‘Zoom’ feature, natural/manmade objects can be studied in phenomenal detail. Items such as coins/banknotes, butterfly wings, shells and flowers
  3. Share a book where the teacher can read to the class and everyone can follow on screen
  4. Help very young pupils to find the correct page in their book
  5. Assist with sight impairment pupils with larger visuals for them to see
  6. Displaying ‘delicate’ texts such as historical documents/maps/photos.
  7. Modelling how to use a ruler/protractor.
  8. Taking a series of snapshot images to create an animation.
  9. Demonstrate a science experiment
  10. Displaying/observing fauna and flora such as caterpillars, beetles/ladybirds, leaves etc.

Teacher Readiness

There are no technical or training barriers that would prevent a teacher from using this tool out of the box once it is properly connected and software (if any) installed.

The following relevant points should be noted when considering introducing visualisers to a  school.

  1. Durable for classroom use. Visualiser is generally robustly designed with your typical classroom environment Easy to set up and install without technical assistance
  2. Light enough for portable use. Most 4k visualizers can be folded for easy storage and transport.
  3. Able to operate with other appropriate technologies, for example, digital projector, classroom PC, or interactive whiteboard.
  4. Reduces photocopying costs.

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