7 things to note while purchasing a Document Camera

  1. Resolution – The resolutions of the document camera impart a crucial aspect which selecting a document camera. Most of the document cameras used in the classroom involve visualization of documents or a part of the text from the books. Thus, choosing a document camera in such smart classrooms must have an optimum resolution to serve the purpose adequately. It is worth noting that it is important to match the input resolution with the output resolution. That is, a document camera with an HDMI and 4k output needs an HDMI input accepting device either be a projector or a computer monitor to display the image.
  2. Portability – Purchasing a document camera for a smaller classroom with a very tight budget may opt for a portable version of them. This facilitates sharing of the camera among the classrooms and the same can be carried along to the teachers’ home for a pre-preparation of the next session. A portable document camera is also lightweight and eco-efficient that gives presenters more control over where to place as well as where to store after its use. 
  3. In-built audio features – A built-in microphone and a speaker can prove to be a goldmine for an extended utility of the document camera. With an inbuilt audio capability, teachers can record audio-visual lesson which is more effective than just mere photographs. This is also helpful for the teachers to record their lessons for having class notes and lectures available for students on leaves.
  4. Microscope adapter – A document camera used science laboratories of schools and colleges can consider the one with a microscope adapter. This makes the document camera more versatile and enhances the lessons visualizing even the tiniest details of a microscopic slide. A microscope adapter takes the display functionality of the document camera to the next level by providing a detailed view of the microscopic objects in a science laboratory.
  5. Inbuilt storage – Most of the document cameras available in the market are equipped with internal storage to store photos or videos. However, there are other models too which support SDHC or a portable pen-drive. Inbuilt memory support extends the portability feature to record and save images and video lectures. These images and videos can be further transferred to the PC with the help of a USB connection or through a card reader.
  6. Preview Monitor – A preview monitor allows the presenter to preview the images so that they can exactly check what is the image their audience is going to see. Such document cameras are used in places where the precision of the orientation and accuracy of the images are required. A preview monitor also makes it possible to take snaps and videos from the document camera in the absence of a standard display device like a projector or a display screen.
  7. Remote Control – A document camera with remote control can be preferred in a classroom where the teacher needs to move around the class while operating the device. For example, a pre-recorded lesson can be presented in full control from a remote-control while being at a move around the class. This also facilitates the teachers to maintain the engagement of the entire classroom rather than being restrained at the device.

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