Why enhance clearity of a Textbook or Hard Copy is required?

Nowadays every person wants to show their live image of any hardcopy file in best quality. For this, we required an Ultra HD Document Camera. There is some Major reason for showing hardcopy in Ultra HD Image Quality such as: –

  • When we zooming any low Picture quality document then its pixels break to overcome this problem, we need Ultra HD Document Camera or 4K Document Camera.
  • Ultra HD picture can be Zoomed till pen tips.
  • The resolution of the picture is very good.
  • Doesn’t a requirement of any extra Hardware.
  • And cost effective also.
  • The visibility quality of an image became good.

By the seeing of people requirement we Edu Assessment Pvt. Ltd. Manufactured EAPL DC6D Document Camera which is fully Ultra HD or 4K Document Camera in low price. EAPL DC6D create real-time Ultra HD Image of any document or any kind of Hardcopy which make your class or any kind of your session more interactive. One of the most important requirements for using EAPL DC6D is any kind of display media.                                                                                              There are some features of EAPL DC6D Ultra HD Document Camera are: –

  • The created image by EAPL DC6D of any hard copy is very clear or the file size is also small
  • The Zooming capability is very high EAPL DC6D can zoom till pen tip.
  • No extra hardware required.
  • The rotation of Len or Image is possible.

EAPL DC6D are great equipment for education sector or its produce True 4K output can help maintain student’s interest with super fine detail and images. They can also help enhance student’s understanding through effective use of video in 60 fps. Plus, EAPL DC6D provide free interactive software and one of the most advantages of EAPL DC6D is, it’s had own platform where you can write and it’s also had a backlight for x-ray document. By the using of software, Instructor can easily handle the camera. Software makes your work easier and faster.

Hardware Requirement for EAPL DC6D

  • PC/Laptop: – PC/Laptop is required for storing the captured image or video file and accessing the software or.
  • Projector: – Projector is mainly used for displaying the real-time image of any textbook or captured Image of any textbook.

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