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Visualisers(also spelt as visualizers) are also popularly known as visual presenters or document cameras. These are electronic devices which are used to capture and display real-time enlarged images of objects to a large audience. A visualizer is able to magnify and project the images of actual, three-dimensional objects, as well as transparencies. Visualisers are nowadays quite popular in classrooms and lecture halls. They are helpful in sharing academic documents and demonstrating 3D objects to the students. Similarly, they also used to present objects or materials pertaining to corporate meetings, conferences, and training. Highly specialized visualizers are also incorporated in the most sophisticated medical applications such as telemedicine, telepathy and find application in medical colleges. The same is also utilized to show x-ray photographs. It can be used with interactive whiteboards to annotate objects, documents and images on a virtual whiteboard display without affecting the original object. The application of such devices are endless.

With the advent of advancement in technology, the visual presenters are becoming the common and compulsory part of modern Smart Classrooms be it schools(K-12 education) or higher education or corporate training. We, at EAPL, had gathered a long track record to understand the importance of such visualizers in exchanging the ideas and undertaking active collaboration with various institutions of excellence in India. From engineering colleges like the IITs and NITs to medical colleges like AIIMSs to law colleges like NLUs to agricultural colleges and institutions like ICAR, our devices have found application in a wide variety of such institutions.

We have a full range of internationally available document cameras or visualizers suited for every purpose and every budget, from the plug and play USB versions to versatile and full-featured professional devices. Our collection of visualizers offers outstanding imaging clarity and are into the latest innovative designs. Apart from our native models we also have a full range of document cameras from most of the internationally renowned brands such as Epson, Elmo, Wolf Vision, Lumens, etc. with which you will be able to capture images and project them with ease, for a large audience. At our multi-brand mart not only would you get the best guidance across the spectrum of various brands, but also readymade comparisons of various models of various brands. The idea is to help you arrive at a buying decision in as less a time as possible and to afford you a hassle-free buying experience.

Over the last 10 years, our aim at EAPL has always been to become India’s no.1 portal for buying such digital visualizers, visual presenters and document camera at rates that are both affordable and reasonable. At EAPL we fully understand that the price you pay is not so much for the device but for gaining reliance and dependability. That has been the hallmark of our existence for the past decade. With us, you will not only find the ideal companion who would selflessly guide you to the best and the most affordable product in the market which fulfils your tailor-made needs but also a 100% transparency in pricing. Looking at the demand and importance of the system in the upcoming scenario in the technical evolution we had strived hard to become your ultimate source for both high-end and economical models of visual presenters. Our selected range of visualizers is packed with intuitive and easy to use interface for everyone to use. We are known for reliability in various audio-visual technologies across the industry with genuine products backed with comprehensive warranties and hassle-free after sale services.

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